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Pet Massage – Treating Your Pet’s Illnesses With Touch

typiMedical studies show that massage lowers blood pressure, soothes sore muscles, and boosts circulation. One advocate of pet massage even believes her specialized method opens fresh neural pathways, as well. Massage can relieve aberrant behavior in pets and, some say, certain illnesses. Methods may matter less than the actual application of human touch to the animal.

“The main point,” says Steve Lindsay, owner of Canine Behavioral Services, in Philadelphia, and author of the two-volume Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, “is reduction of stress and induction of relaxation.” A pet’s failure to cope adaptively with stress, Lindsay believes, is the root of many serious behavioral problems. “And stress is measurably reduced by the ‘contact comfort’ produced by touching the animal.” In studies, when a person petted an animal in a mechanical way, stress was minimally reduced, but when the touch turned into firm, long stroking–administered with warm emotion and a soothing voice–the positive effects were dramatic.



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