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Notes On This Season

notsBobby Cox, going for his 10th straight division title as Braves manager, was nearly as distraught as Bowa as he tried to fix his team’s woeful offense. After putting 43-year-old Julio Franco at first, Cox stuck Chipper Jones in left so that Ken Caminiti’s bat could be in the lineup. This was the same Caminiti who had one hit over a recent nine-game stretch and was batting .225 as a Brave. Moving its best player to a new position in September does not seem like a move a team thinking about the World Series would want to make. But Jones told Cox he was willing to try and with Golden Glove winner Andruw Jones in center, Chipper promised “to man that hundred-foot area from the foul line to straightaway medium left field. I’ll let him have the rest.”

The Diamondbacks have the edge

The way Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson have pitched, the Diamondbacks are not likely to suffer any


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