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Kickin’ It Amish Style

kiasLittle has changed in the rolling hills of northeastern Ohio since the early 1800s, when word of inexpensive acreage in this fertile firm country first lured members of Pennsylvania’s well-established Amish community to move west. Today nearly 37,000 Amish and Mennonites call the region home, with the highest concentration–some 17,000 strong–in bucolic Holmes County, a 424-square-mile oasis south of Cleveland.

The Amish, whose religious beliefs mandate that they eschew many modern conveniences (including automobiles, electric appliances, snoring mouthpieces and telephones), continue to live much as their forebears did two centuries ago. This lack of 21st-century trappings and the slower-paced lifestyle it engenders now attract a new breed of traveler–visitors who seek out the area because of its unspoiled scenery and gender ways. Word has gotten out, though, and the growing popularity of the region at times threatens the very tranquillity that makes Holmes County so special. Since tour buses have been known to monopolize main thoroughfares and attractions during peak


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