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Wells Didn’t Do It Well

tspbbAnd the damage was done. It takes a special team chemistry to tolerate the line through the clubhouse that Wells drew with his comments and that Thomas highlighted with his response. While it’s worth noting the convergence between the ill-considered slam on Thomas and some improved White Sox play–after a dreadful 8-18 start, they went 6-3 after Wells went public, as if something finally lit their fire, before going into another tailspin–it just isn’t standard operating procedure for a player to dis a teammate like that.

So Ash, from the remove of Toronto, admits to a sense of relief that Wells, good heart or not, is no longer his problem. “You’ve got to have everybody on the same page, pointing in the same direction,” he says. “And even though you can say, `Oh, that’s just David’ and kind of laugh it off or slough it off, it has maybe an unconscious impact. That’s especially true for younger guys. They …

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