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The Plight Of The Family Farm Remains Dark

agSix successive generations of my family have lived in the clapboard farmhouse I now call home. But unless farming as we know it today changes dramatically, it is likely that the seventh generation will be forced to move on, that the farm on which they grew up will be lost, and that the farmhouse itself will disappear from the landscape. Neighbors who once talked of improving their homesteads to make sure their children had a good place to start off are more likely now to sigh and say, “I’ll sell when I retire, so the kids can have a little money and won’t have to go through all I did.”

There are points of debate regarding how best to help small farmers, but in this, the 11th hour, two things are clear: Farmers must market their crops directly to consumers, and the government must cease subsidizing conglomerates at the expense of small growers. Only under these conditions will farm families


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